Strong Sales Allow Shareholder Dividend Payout for 2012-13

We’re really pleased to announce that fiscal year 2012-13 was another successful year for Abundance. Thanks to the support of our loyal owner shoppers, our net surplus allows us to award patronage dividends.      

Through the Choose Your Discount Day program and other initiatives, the Board of Directors has agreed to distribute 20% of our profit back to shareholders. Adding the discount taken on purchases through the Choose  Your Discount Day program brings the total amount returned to our owners to $44,741.


Daryl Odhner, President of the Board of Directors

The dividend will be awarded to owners who spent $300 or more shopping between July 2012 and June 2013. The money is given as a coupon. However, the law requires that anyone who prefers a check can request one. The amount of each dividend is proportionate to how much each shopper owner spent during the period.

Dividends will be able for pickup in-store from the middle of next week.


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