What is a CSA, anyway?

So Spring is finally really here! For us, that means wonderful, local produce is just a few weeks away and that means local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms are busy signing people up.

A lot has changed since CSAs first were developed. Our region has a vibrant and growing economy where really innovative businesses are finding new ways to work with local agricultural producers. We’ve found that, in the midst of all that flourishing, some people are unsure about what exactly a CSA is. A variety of services that bring local produce from area farms to consumers are available now, and a CSA is a particularly unique–and historic–way of doing that.

Thinking about getting a share this year?

The infographic below is designed to help understand the difference between a CSA and businesses that connect their customers with local food choices through a subscription-style service.

If you want to do a share pickup right from our store, our long-time partner, Peacework Farm, is now open for new shareholders for the 2014 season. Visit their website for more information.

A CSA pioneer at the co-op

We wanted to share a little insight from one of the pioneers of the CSA movement in the US (and an Abundance owner), Liz Henderson (read more about her here). She is the author of the seminal Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen’s Guide to Community Supported Agriculture. In an article for Grist, Liz wrote:

At their best, authentic CSAs are a win-win-win. Farmers get living wages and freedom from worry about profits and losses. Everyone weathers the tough times and benefits from the good times. Nothing goes to waste, and community investments help pay for land and equipment. Most of all, eaters get healthy food, good company, and the deep — if not always “convenient” — satisfaction that comes from playing an immediate role in transforming the food system.





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