Staff Review: Shiitake Mushrooms from Flower City Mushrooms


Front End Cashier Dominic Roselli recently put Flower City Mushroom’s organic, locally grown shiitake mushrooms to the test. Here’s what he thought:

The other night I took home the Flour city Shiitake mushrooms, and I was pleasantly delighted with the freshness and the taste. I added them to a soup using locally made miso as a base, adding organic vegetable broth , carrots, daikon radish, tofu, a little ginger , a hint of fish sauce, and I topped it off with scallion greens straight from Abundance’s amazing produce section. I did a little research on Flower City’s farming methods and not only are they certified organic but their sustainable energy set up on their grounds uses geothermal heating and cooling as well as a solar photovoltaic array! Really a great find and something to be proud about our New York locally grown farming scene.

Learn more about Flower City Mushrooms at their website.


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