Staff Review: The Raw Deal Salad (Abundance House-made)


Front End Cashier Nada Eldehni is a big fan of the Abundance Grab ‘n’ Go Deli. As a vegan, she’s always looking out for new, creative meals that use flavors and plant-based ingredients in new and interesting ways. Here’s her take on the house-made Abundance Raw Deal Salad:

Looking for a cold, refreshing summer bite? Look no further than the Abundance deli cooler! The Raw Deal salad is a delicious medley of kale, greens, nuts, and shredded carrot tossed in a tangy olive oil and lemon juice dressing. Healthy and filling, this salad is an organic delight!

All ingredients are gluten free, vegan, and raw, making the Raw Deal Salad ideal to share. Stop by Abundance and grab some for your next picnic, beach trip, or just for lunch. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page as well-we post a menu of what’s cooking every morning.


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