Time to Break Out the Champagne (Grapes)!

CHAMPAGNE-GRAPESIf you’re looking for a summer fruit that has just a little something more than the usual offering, than you absolutely have to come give champagne grapes a try.

Champagne grapes are currently featured on Abundance Sails! for just $3.99 for a pound box.

Uniquely sweet and smaller than the average variety, these delicate grapes are a perfect little treat for summer.
Contrary to what their name implies, these grapes are not used to make champagne. They originated in Greece and were originally known as Corinth grapes, after the port in Greece were they were commonly exported. The variety made its way to America in the late 1800s.

They are the smallest variety of seedless grapes and they’re very sweet.

The “fancy pants” name they have today is rumored to have been coined by a California grape producer seeking to give the variety a new, more glamorous shine. So while they’re not the “champagne” of grapes, they’re a really fun grape variety to eat on a hot day, and they’re perfect for kids!



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