The Perfect Fall Meal-with-Friends Shopping List

Woodcut_kitchenIt’s getting colder and many mammals are starting to wind down for the season. They’re storing food and starting to grow their winter coats, and soon some of them will hibernate.

While us humans aren’t really fans of total hibernation, it is pretty great to stay warm in the house and cook food with friends. With the oven going and a few people around, you might not even have to turn on the heat for another few days!

Luckily for you, Abundance is right around the corner and we have everything you need to cook up a delicious, seasonal meal for your guests.

At a loss? Forget how to grocery shop? (This actually happened to one of us recently.)

A get-together shopping list

Well, here’s a sample grocery list that would be perfect for a seasonal dinner get-together involving tea, soup and dessert:

  • 2 butternut squash (They’re local and gorgeous!)
  • 1 carton culinary coconut milk (It’s condensed and comes in a can.)
  • veggie bouillon cubes (On sale til November 3rd!)
  • Bring in a jar from home and fill it up in our bulk section with organic red lentils.
  • 4 yams (Make the house smell great!)
  • 2 bell peppers (Locally grown!)
  • Bring in a jar from home and fill it up in the bulk section with honey from our bulk section (Mmmm…tea with honey!)
  • A few local apples for apple cake!

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