The Latest from the Abundance Deli & Cheese Department

New Cheeses: Alpine-style from Crosswinds Farm & Creamery (Ovid, NY)

cheese1We have two new farm-to-table options in our cheese department from Crosswinds Farm & Creamery, formerly Vanillen Dairy. Crosswinds is located in Ovid, NY, they own about 125 Brown Swiss and Holstein dairy cows, crossbred pigs and a flock of egg laying chickens. Crosswind’s practices are sustainable, using whey bi-product to feed their pigs, recycled materials to build their farm and energy straight from the sun to operate their hot water system.

The two varieties of cheeses we carry are Alpine-style, aged cheese. The balanced flavors can range from an intensely nutty flavor to a more butterscotch taste. They are served best at room temperate with NY apples. The second cheese is a Baby Swiss that is creamy and mildly nutty. Served best at room temperature with a nice cold lager or crunchy pretzels. Look for Crosswinds products in our cheese case, top shelf!

New Puddings & Spicy Chocolate Cookie

spicy-chocoOur deli department has been hard at work keeping up with our made in house soups, delicious salads and hearty sandwiches. Most recently, we have been tweaking a few new dessert recipes.

In particular are our vegan tapioca pudding and a pumpkin flavored pudding, which uses organic pumpkin puree. We’ve been experimenting with almond cardamom and chocolate flavors as well. Tapioca pudding can be served chilled or warm. It’s a light dessert that won’t let you down.

Another dessert that will be in the cookie basket is a spicy chocolate cookie. This cookie has a rich chocolate flavor with a mild spice that works its way onto your tongue. My favorite way to eat them is warmed up and crumbled on top of vanilla ice cream. Keep your eyes open and enjoy your winter months!

Written by Julianna Barrette, who is the Deli & Bakery Manager. She is also the Cheese Buyer and part of the Beer Team. If you have any questions about the cheeses we carry or have a suggestion, please let us know by email or next time you are in.




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